Spring bronze, copper and brass phosphor sheets

Spring bronze, copper and
brass phosphor sheets

Bronze Phosphorus: A combination of copper, phosphorus and tin is called bronze phosphorus, which is denoted by the symbol cusn, and its main base is copper, with a ratio of about 0.5% to 11% tin and about 0.01% to 0.35% phosphorus. Phosphorus is a chemical element denoted by the symbol P and the element phosphorus increases the properties of abrasion resistance and hardness and also the element of tin is denoted by the symbol sn which increases the properties of corrosion resistance and strength.
Other properties of spring bronze phosphorus include hardness, strength, low coefficient of friction and good grain size. Bronze phosphor sheet is widely used due to maintaining mechanical properties as well as very good electrical conductivity and in some cases to maintain the springy state of the part.
Copper is a metallic element with the characteristics of ductility, high electrical conductivity and high heat, which is indicated by the symbol cu and is orange or red, which is soft and flexible and has high welding capability. ,And in two forms, spring copper with slightly higher strength and elasticity Soft copper that is more flexible and better malleable.
Brass contains a series of copper alloys with a maximum of 40% zinc (Zn). By changing the amount of zinc, the properties of CU-Zn alloys also change, and brass is also yellow, which is similar to gold, which is an alloy of copper and zinc that has high strength and strong conductivity properties..

Phosfor Bronze Grade: Cusn6 – Cusn8
Brass Grade: 65b – 70b


Phosphorus Bronze Hardness: 200 HV to 260 HV

سختی فسفر برنزها: حدوداً بین 200 تا 260 ویکرز

Brass Hardness: 120 HV to 200HV

سختی برنج ها: حدوداً بین 120 تا 200 ویکرز

Thickness: 0.02 mm min to 12 mm max

ضخامت: از 0.02 میلیمتر تا 12 میلیمتر

Width: 5 mm min to 660 mm max

عرض: از 5 میلیمتر تا 660 میلیمتر

Applications and Usages

The automotive industry

Manufacture of parts that have electrical properties and conductivity and spring and elasticity and must maintain its appearance has many uses, including in the electrical parts of the car behind the ampere of the car odometer plate and parts of the cartridge and fuse and Delco parts and flat washers, Corrugated and plate are also used.

Home Appliances

In the parts where the electrical mode and conductivity of electricity should be used, including (gas, oven, microwave and electrical components of refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.)

military industries

In the field of military electrical and electrical industries, radars and parts that must maintain both the strong conductivity of the electric current and the state of spring and maintain the appearance of the part.

Electrical and electronics industries

Components, washers, clamps and spring spikes are widely used in the electrical industry in the manufacture of parts for lamps, fluorescents, switches, sockets and electrical connections.

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