Hot rolled sheets

Hot rolled sheets

In the process of hot rolling, the steel ingot after reaching the desired temperature, which is usually higher than 1100 ° C, in rolling furnace, passes through several sets of rotary rollers and, with successive reductions in the cross section, deformed into shape and it turns into the desired shape. Hot-rolled products are products that are delivered to the thickness of the rolling slab at high temperature and are available in either coil (roll or coil) or sheet (plate) as rolling-edged or modified edges. Despite the fact that the surface of hot rolled sheets in the rolling process is improved by deformation mechanisms, but due to the nature of hot rolled heat, they are exposed to non-shiny surfaces in contact with the atmospheric atmosphere, which is why they are known for the black sheets in market. Hot-rolled steel sheets are medium and high carbon steel sheets that are rolled up and are slightly tensile, which has abrasion resistance and high strength properties. In the process of producing melting and slab in steel making and casting, the necessary controls are carried out on chemical analysis and impurities, and in the process of sheet production in a hot rolling method, the quality indices such as thickness, width, profile, surface conditions, edges and packaging are controlled and evaluated. Finally, the mechanical properties (strength) of the sheet in the laboratory are tested and confirmed.

Grade: CK22- CK35- CK45- CK60- CK67-CK75


Hardness: 200 HV to 250 HV

سختی: سختی اولیه حدوداً بین 200 ویکرز تا 250 ویکرز

Thickness: 1.5 mm to 100 mm

ضخامت: بین 1.5 میلیمتر تا 100 میلیمتر

Coil Width: 1000 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm

ضخامت: بین 1.5 میلیمتر تا 100 میلیمتر

Sheet Width: 1000 mm * 2000 mm , 1250 mm * 2500 mm, 1500 mm * 6000 mm, 2000 mm * 6000 mm

ابعاد ورق ها: 2000 در 1000 میلیمتر، 2500 در 1250 میلیمتر،
1500 در 6000 میلیمتر، 2000 در 6000 میلیمتر

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