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This group is proud to be present in the Iranian steel market for many years, the most capable supplier and distributor of raw spring sheet, hardened spring steel sheet, spring bronze phosphor sheet, spring and soft brass sheet, soft copper and beryllium copper sheet, spring belt and alloy , Spring and alloy rebars and packing belts in our beloved country.

Import and distribution of spring and steel belts

Import and distribution of spring sheets, alloy sheets and steel sheets

Import and distribution of spring and alloy rebars

Import and distribution of oil and spring packaging belts


Our group is proud of years of experience and expertise in the field of importing and supplying various types of steel products, take a small step in supplying and distributing the required raw materials, various industries such as automotive, oil, gas, petrochemical, home appliances, Military industries, agriculture, construction industry, food industry, electronics industry, road and rail transportation, shoes, textiles, mining, cement, etc. have been able to create a suitable platform to meet the needs of various companies. We hope that with the help of God , we can take a small step towards the growth and excellence of all Iranian companies.


The most capable supplier and distributor of products in the Iranian steel market

تولید ورق فنری آبدار


Service provider according to customer needs

تولید ورق فنری آبدار


For the well-being of craftsmen and consumers, this company has provided facilities such as roll-to-roll cutting, roll-to-sheet cutting to the dimensions requested for the welfare and facilitation of the affairs of esteemed customers.

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