Lattons, Shamize and Stainless Steel Liners


Lattons, Shamize and Stainless Steel Liners, spring steel, bronze phosphorus, copper, brass and beryllium copper

Steel sheet (usually stainless steel), which is used in alignment and precision of the parts (for a shim plate), the plate is filled with a small gap of several microns to several millimeters between the mechanical surfaces), machines, and in different size and different thicknesses are available. Another uses of this technology is the production of parts and shim gasket with custom designs in different sizes and dimensions. The above sheets are widely used due to the precise thickness and thickness tolerance of close to zero and the smooth and being polished in the industry.
1.Glossy and opaque soft and hardened spring stainless steel Latton and Shamize
2. hardened and raw (aniline or soft) spring steel Latton and Shamize
3. springy bronze phosphor (hardened) Latton and Shamize
4. springy coper (hardened) and plain soft Latton and Shamize
5. springy brass (hardened) and plain soft Latton and Shamize
6. copper Beryllium Latton and Shamize


Hardness: 150 HV to 500 HV

سختی ها: از 150 ویکرز تا 500 ویکرز

Thickness: 0.02 mm min to 10 mm max

ضخامت: از 0.02 میلیمتر تا 10 میلیمتر

Uses and Applications

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