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فیدار مهام پیشرو
Fidar Maham Pishro
اطلاعات بیشتر درباره ما تواناترین تامین کننده در بازار فولاد ایران


Manufacture of parts

Manufacture of parts according to customer needs

Cut the roll into sheets

Cut the roll into sheets according to the customer's request

Heat treatment

Scheduled heating and cooling of metals


Rolling to accelerate industrial activities


Import and distribution of spring and steel belts, spring sheets, alloy sheets, steel sheets, spring and alloy rebars, packing belts, oil and spring


This group is proud to be present in the Iranian steel market for many years, the most capable supplier and distributor of raw spring sheet, hardened spring steel sheet, spring bronze phosphor sheet, spring and soft brass sheet, soft copper and beryllium copper sheet, spring belt and alloy , Spring and alloy rebar and packing belt in our country.


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