Import and distribution of spring and steel belts, spring sheets, alloy sheets, steel sheets, spring and alloy rebars, oil and spring packing belts

Available services

Cut into rolls
Due to the growing need of the industrial community for workshop services, the Bohler spring sheet assembly, by preparing the relevant devices, announces its readiness to cut rolls of iron, spring, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, roll into roll. Phosphor bronze, galvanized

Rolling is one of the methods of forming waxy materials. The rolling process is done in two ways: cold rolling and hot rolling. Bohler spring sheet assembly with the equipment related to rolling can declare its readiness to accelerate your industrial activities.

In all kinds of sheet metal work, we encounter many cases that need to be bent to provide the desired shape, increase flexural strength, prevent hand damage, make joints, and so on. According to the needs of esteemed customers, Bohler spring sheet assembly performs bending operations especially for employers.
Heat treatment
Scheduled heating and cooling of metals in order to obtain the desired mechanical and physical properties is called heat treatment. Bohler spring sheet assembly can help you in this important matter by having reputable centers for heat treatment and hardening of all types of steels.

Manufacture of parts
Behler spring sheet assembly, considering the complete knowledge of different types of steel and the needs of esteemed customers to make parts, has made it possible to do it as soon as possible, if dear customers need to make a special part.
laser cut
According to the needs of esteemed customers for laser cutting operations and services, Bohler spring sheet assembly performs laser cutting services with high accuracy and speed as soon as possible to facilitate the affairs of esteemed employers.
Testing and analysis of steel
According to the needs of esteemed customers to ensure the purchase of their product, Bohler spring sheet collection has cooperated with reputable and trusted laboratories and can be at the service of esteemed employers in this field for testing and analyzing materials.
Cut the roll into sheets
In order to facilitate the affairs of esteemed customers, Bohler spring sheet assembly performs roll-to-sheet cutting operations as required and in a regular and standard manner as soon as possible.


For the well-being of craftsmen and consumers, this company has provided facilities such as roll-to-roll cutting, roll-to-sheet cutting to the dimensions requested for the welfare and facilitation of the affairs of esteemed customers.

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